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Bellhousing Accessories

Cummins StarterWhile we specialize in building strong, high-performance, bellhousings here at Probell Racing Products, we also maintain a large inventory of bellhousing parts and accessories. Many of these accessories can even be used with other bellhousing brands. In addition to our inventory, we have the capability to build unique custom parts and accessories for specific applications. All of the accessories in our inventory and any custom parts we manufacture must meet the same high-quality standards as our bellhousings.

Here is a list of some of the accessories we usually have in our inventory…

  • Motorplates / Midplates (Steel and Aluminum, various thicknesses, multiple applications including McKinney/Hadman and Victory/Phulger)
  • Adapter Plates
  • Starters (Cummins, Chevy, ProMod)
  • Cross Shaft Arms (Billet Steel and Aluminum)
  • Cross Shafts of various sizes (Steel)
  • Cross Shaft Supports
  • Bearing Ring Retainers (Steel and Aluminum)
  • Clutch Forks (Steel and Aluminum)
  • Bolt Kits for a variety of requirements (Bolts, nuts and washers)
  • Stud Kits (Studs, nuts and washers)
  • Throwout Bearings
  • Input Shaft Supports
  • Billet Accessories
  • Clutch Dust Filter Kit
  • Bellhousing Cooler/Blower
  • Custom Parts by Request – Give us a call!

Our bellhousing accessories landing page, with additional details about each item in our inventory, can be found here…

ProBell Bellhousing Accessories

You’ll find all of the material and technical specs in each of the product listings.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here on the ProBell website, give us a call. We might be able to find what you need or custom manufacture the part you need to your specific requirements.

Give us a call or send us an email HERE with questions, to place an order or to discuss the possibility of us building a custom part to your specs.

Check out even more products offered by our parent company, SCS Gearbox,  here:

If it doesn’t say Probell, it’s just a can!

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"If it doesn't say PROBELL, it's just a can!"

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