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"If it doesn't say PROBELL, it's just a can!"

Probell December Tips

Probell SCS Gearbox logo imageProbell December Tips

First of all, thank you to everyone who visited our booth at the PRI show this past weekend! It was great to see everybody. Without you our company wouldn’t be more than a decade old. We appreciate your support and work hard to provide you with the best bellhousings and bellhousing accessories.

Website Reminder - Be sure come here to our website regularly for the latest information about our products and the industry in-general. We constantly update it with new pricing, new products and event information. This website isn’t just the place to buy some of the best bellhousing on the market, it’s also a great place to find helpful information. Probell has been around for more than a decade now and our experienced staff has been active in the industry much, much longer than that. We have, or know how to find, answers to your questions. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

Building A Quote on Our Website – We have a feature built

into our website that you can use to build an estimate of the total cost of purchasing a selection of our products. The quote-builder is available to provide a ballpark estimate of the total cost you’ll be looking at for whatever bellhousing or accessories added to a quote. It doesn’t provide the exact price. To get the exact pricing, get in contact us either via phone at 1-888-539-9566 or via email using our contact form: This change quickly in this industry and the actual price might be more or even less. We will always give you the best price we can!

SCS Gearbox – If you call us and you’re also interested in SCS Gearbox products, we are located in the exact same place (we’re the same company)! Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can get you in contact with the right person over on the other side of the building. Of course, you can always visit our SCS Gearbox website here: to see everything we have to offer from transfer cases to quick change gears and accessories.

If it doesn’t say Probell, it’s just a can!

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Fax: 419-483-4741

"If it doesn't say PROBELL, it's just a can!"

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