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Our Lightweight Hybrid Bellhousings

Liteweight Hybrid Bellhousing Without Starter Pocket imageIn this weeks’ On The Loud Pedal, I want to talk about our Probell Lightweight Hybrid line of bellhousings. If you are looking for a bellhousing that is both lightweight and strong, these are the bellhousings for you. Our lightweight hybrid bellhousings are available both with and without starter pocket and, like all of our bellhousings and accessories, they are built to our strict quality standards.

Probell has been an innovator when it comes to lightweight bellhousings. We were the first company to pass SFI 6.2 certification testing with a lightweight alternative bellhousing to the titanium bellhousing on April 14, 2009 and we were also the first company to pass SFI 6.3 certification testing with a lightweight alternative bellhousing to the titanium bellhousing on March 7, 2007.


As you know, weight can have a big impact on race performance but strength and safety are also a major concern. We wanted to come up with a bellhousing that was light but also very strong and we were able to do that using our proprietary two-layer design.

Our unique multi-layer design sets us apart from aluminum and titanium bellhousings on the market. The proprietary cladded two layers of material our hybrid bellhousings are comprised of includes an inner layer of .047” thick 304 stainless steel and an outer layer consisting of .250” thick 6061 aluminum. This construction reduces weight but maintains strength.
Features Summary:

  • Strong
  • Lighter than titanium bellhousings
  • 2-year certification
  • Costs less than Titanium bellhousings

You can learn more about our Lightweight Hybrid Bellhousings with and without starter pockets via the links below..

Lightweight Hybrid Bellhousings WITH Starter Pocket

Lightweight Hybrid Bellhousings WITHOUT Starter Pocket

These lightweight hybrid bellhousings are lightweight but still very strong and safe.

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If it doesn’t say Probell, it’s just a can!

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"If it doesn't say PROBELL, it's just a can!"

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