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Pete Wittenberg at 2020 March Meet petro-slider Pete-Whittenberg-Circuit-Breaker-Slider rupert-air-tribute-slider Jeff-Hirt J-Rupert-Spokane-2 New-Gen-Plus-Sized Janis-Winners-Circle-Norwalk John-Hale-One-Bad-Texan John-Hale-Budds-Creek-2 StanleyAndWeissSliderSized RatTrapSliderSized3 TimeBanditSliderSized wing-launch EstevezWarkbucks trelleborg-rat-poison

Congrats to Pete Wittenberg on winning Nostalgia Top Fuel at the 2020 March Meet using our Probell Hybrid bellhousing!

Probell congratulates Randy Petro, 2-Wheel Drive Class Winner at 2018 NTPA Winter Nationals. Great job!

Pete Wittenberg Won Top Fuel at the 60th Good Vibrations March Meet in Bakersfield California. Congrats!

Congratulations to Jason Rupert, 2017 Heritage Series points runner-up!

Congratulations Jeff Hirt the 2015 and four time Lucas Pro Pulling SSO National Champion

Congrats to Jason Rupert on winning the IHRA 2015 Funny Car Championship, winning at Memphis and resetting the funny car ef record!


Mike Janis won the J&A Service ProMod Series at the Summit Nationals in Norwalk on Sunday, July 5th 2015

John Hale - "One Bad Texan"

John Hale - Wins Budds Creek Nitro Jam after epic thrash to make the final round

Stanley & Weiss Racing - Fastest doorslammer pass at 5.644 to qualify #1 at the SCSN/PSCA event in Las Vegas setting New World Record. Finished runner-up. Click To Watch!

Ron Hope - The Original Rat Trap

“Time Bandit” - Nostalgia Top Fuel

Winged Express

Dick Estevez - 1965 Falcon "Daddy Warbucks"

Brian Diekman’s Trelleborg Rat Poison Modified Tractor

On The Loud Pedal - News, Views & Reviews!

Rupert Wins at California Hot Rod Reunion!

Congratulations to Jason Rupert on winning Nostalgia Funny Car at the 2018 California Hot Rod Reunion! Jason is a long-time Probell customer and friend.

You can find more about what happened at the 2018 California Hot Rod Reunion at Auto Club Fomoso Raceway here...

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We're currently having technical problems with our toll free 888 number. Until that is fixed, you can get in contact with us by phone using the SCS Gearbox number: 419-483-7278. Ask for Probell and they will connect you with us! We will let you know when the 888 number is back up and running.

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Bellhousing Re-Certification available in Canada, Alaska & Europe!

Re-Certification in Canada:
Muscle Motive, Inc.
Alberta, Canada
PH: 403-396-9828
Keith Copping or Cory Kincaid
Re-Certification in Alaska:
Jay Childs Race Cars
Anchorage, Alaska
PH: 907-441-6819
Jay Childs
Re-Certification in Europe:
Andy Robinson Race Cars
PH: 01256 880589

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"If it doesn't say PROBELL, it's just a can!"

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