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SFI 6.1, 6.2 & 6.3 Certified

"If it doesn't say PROBELL, it's just a can!"

610002 - Truck and Tractor Pullers

$1,865.00 each

Deepest steel bellhousing available. Will work with 5 or 6 disk clutches. Dragsters, Funny Cars, Truck and Tractor Pullers. Lots of room for any style adjustable clutch. Filter vent tube and blow back brackets included (Not shown with blowback brackets and tube).


Technical Specs:

Clutch Type: 5 or 6 Disc

Bellhousing Depth: 9 7/16"

Engine: Chevy/Hemi

Transmission: B&J/Lenco (Other transmission patterns are available)

Inspection Window: Yes

Adjustment Slot: Yes

SFI Certifications: 6.2


This is one of our standard in-stock bellhousings. Other bellhousings may require special ordering.

Price shown is for the bellhousing only.

- Prices subject to change without notice

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Fax: 419-483-4741

"If it doesn't say PROBELL, it's just a can!"

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